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Apollo Financial Short Term Funding Program

Opportunities abound in the fast-paced commercial real estate market. Savvy investors know how crucial it is to act quickly, but funding for new deals can present a cash flow challenge. Failure to lock-in available properties due to a lack of short-term funds can result in missed opportunities and vanishing profits.
Apollo Financial Group was founded to meet the needs of today’s investors, providing short term equity for real estate opportunities. Our uniquely designed funding platform provides the down payment for the first stage of any commercial real estate transaction. Apollo Financial Group’s speedy service provides investors with the necessary down payment funds to secure the deal and begin the due diligence period.

With many years of experience in the commercial real estate market, Apollo Financial Group is your trusted source for short term equity. Apollo Financial Group partners with investors across the spectrum of the real estate market, offering short term funds to get new projects off the ground in a secure and efficient manner. Partner with Apollo Financial Group and don’t miss that next golden real estate opportunity.

Overview Apollo Financial Group- Designed for the real estate deals that cannot wait.
Apollo Financial Group is an independent source of funds for use as down payment for real estate buyers and investors. Unlike a traditional bank loan, which require a tedious application process and lengthy wait time, Apollo Financial Group provides essential funds with speed and flexibility.
Clients complete the application process and can receive their necessary funds in as little as 48 hours. By partnering with commercial real estate investors, Apollo Financial Group provides short term funding to lock in deal exclusivity and begin the due diligence period. Learning more about Our Fees. Once the due diligence period is expired, clients are able to move on with their deal and Apollo Financial Group’s involvement is done. There are no further obligations.
Contact Apollo Financial Group today. We provide the funds so you can focus on the golden opportunities.

Case Studies
Getting the Deal Done with Apollo Financial Group

Case Study 1
$630,000 short-term funding to lock in a retail shopping strip mall
Apollo Financial Group partnered with a commercial real estate investor to secure a $12.6 million contract. The investor saw the potential in the Long Island retail shopping strip, and had an interested buyer willing to buy it for $13.9 million. In order to lock in the deal, the investor partnered with Apollo Financial Group, which supplied the initial funding of $630,000 to secure the contract. After a 14-day due diligence period, the investor had secured the deal with his buyer and procured the funding needed, resulting in a deal with a $1.3 million profit. With the help of Apollo Financial Group, the investor was able to secure the deal with very minimal initial outlay, and avoided the risk of losing out on a deal for lack of upfront cash.

Case Study 2
$350,000 short term funding to secure a multi-family housing project
Apollo Financial Group partnered with a commercial real estate Broker to secure a $11 million deal. The Broker saw the opportunity to syndicate a deal with the purchase of a South Jersey multi-family housing project, but he needed the cash upfront to secure the deal. The Broker partnered with Apollo Financial Group, which provided the initial payment of $350,000 to secure the contract. Within the 30-day due diligence period, the Broker had the opportunity to gather his investors and secure the funds for his down payment.

Terms and Requirements

Rates and Fees

Apollo Financial Group’s terms and fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Equity specialists evaluate each project’s details and then provide a custom quote, based on the level of funding and timeline of the individual project.

An initial underwriting fee of 0.5% to 1% of the funding amount requested, as well as the legal fees for the attorneys to process the paperwork, are required to process each application. These nonrefundable fees are required up front in order to begin any project.

Upon approval, Apollo Financial Group provides short-term funding ranging from $100,000 and $2 million to initiate the deal and begin the due diligence period. Funds are to be held only in an escrow account. Apollo Financial Group will not fund any deals that the down payment is released to the seller.

Once the inspection period ends, if the deal goes hard, Apollo Financial Group charges a percentage of the funds invested.

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